All Tomorrow's Parties: Band Tees

11:13 PM

 Top: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Wasteland

Top: Ebay
Jacket: Thrift Town 
Scarf: Thrifted 
 Jeans: Urban Outfitters x Unif
Jacket: Vintage 
Jacket: Vintage
Shirt: Unknown
Skirt: TopShop
Shoes: Nike 
Shirt: Wasteland
Overalls: AA 
Scarf: Vintage 
Shirt: Ebay
Jacket: Black and Brown 
My favorite things to buy are band t-shirts since I am very into music and I have a very big collection. These are just a few ways I like to style them and how I wear them. Overalls, Fuzzy jackets and neck scarfs are great things to pair them with experimenting with fashion is fun; Especially when you're dancing around with your best friend pretending you're in a movie montage.

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